Divan Group

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Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İstanbul

Divan Group, whose first foundations were laid in Sütlüce, Istanbul in 1956, is a large group of companies with 17 hotels, 3 residences, 21 patisseries, 63 bakeries, 3 stadium operations, 2 banquet units, and 13 restaurants. Also, there is a bakery product, chocolate, and delight factory established in Taşdelen. It serves as “Divan City,” “Divan Suits,” and “Divan Express” brand concept in the field of city hotels, and as “Managed By Divan” and “Divan Residence” in the area of ​​residence.

It has strengthened its position in the food and beverage industry with its brand concepts of “Divan Patisserie,” “İnBakery by Divan,” “Divan Pub,” and “Divan Cafeteria.” Divan restaurants are places where quality and prestige meet.

Divan Hotel

Divan Group hotels are generally established in the concept of city hotels. In the field of city hotels, it applies service concepts such as Suite-City and Express. Although these concepts have superior features compared to each other, there is a linear proportion between services and needs.
The residence service includes concepts designed as a classic residence and managed. Superior services that have been ongoing for a long time are provided in the residential flats’ classical sense. On the other hand, the managed residence concept meets the business world’s needs and classical residence services.
Those who own or rent a flat from residences can receive service in the usual quality of Divan service for a certain fee.

Social Responsibility Project Partnerships

As Divan Grup, a Koç Holding member, continues its motto of spending what it earned from this country to develop and improve it. In this context, it continues to support organizations such as the Vehbi Koç Foundation, Koç University, TEV, Koç Schools, and Rahmi Koç Museum.
Vocational High School, as Divan Grup in the Country Matter project, M.E. B. cooperates with both participant and sponsor. It provides internships and financial support to successful students and job opportunities for those who are eligible. Apart from these, it organizes enjoyable and educational activities in certain periods.
In the For My Country project, Divan Grup organizes seminars and produces projects to make its social responsibility understanding more widespread among dealers, employees, and suppliers. Koç Group is a partner.

Divan Patisseries and Restaurants

Divan patisseries have become a nationwide flavor brand with bakery products produced with special recipes with their special flavors and concept. Continuing to add flavor to life for more than 60 years, Divan has been utilizing high technology in its production facility on an area of ​​15,000 m2 since 2015. Simultaneously, boutique flavors produced by skillful hands also contribute to the continuation of the traditions. Thanks to its production policy, which is always open to development, it continues to add new flavors in addition to its classical flavors.
The gourmet delicacies prepared by Divan chefs using quality materials in the Divan Restaurant concept are presented to their customers with the classic Divan quality and service understanding.
Divan Grup has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.