Vibroser References Dosu Maya

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Lüleburgaz

DOSU Maya has proven itself with its quality, and its working style focused on customer satisfaction. The company, which carries out its activities worldwide, has a large export volume with its yeasts. Istanbul DOSU Maya has become a leader in its sector with its vision that follows the age requirements and renews itself day by day.

DOSU Maya, operating in Istanbul, has participated in many fairs both in our country and in the international arena. He represented our country in these fairs and contributed greatly to the country’s economy with its exports. The company has never given up on its policy of offering quality products at affordable prices. The company’s production facilities comply with all hygiene conditions. Products that are produced and packaged without human touch are delivered to customers in the most sterile way. The company’s sensitivity, which takes great care in public health, is appreciated by its users.

High-Quality Yeast Doughs

The product range of the company is also quite wide. The company that produces dry and fresh yeast makes a difference with the brands it creates. The company has three types of dry yeast brands. These are Pasha, Panther, and Hasmaya brands. DOSU Maya offers its products packaged in different weights from 80 g to 500 g for consumers’ use. Simultaneously, the company that produces fresh yeast is in the market with the Panpan brand. The bread improver, which is often consumed by bakers, is included in the company’s brand Top-mix. All products of the brand have a Halal Certificate.

“Full Support to the Customer”

DOSU Maya also provides logistics for all the products it produces. The company, which increases its production capacity daily, is among the frequently mentioned companies in the world. It provides product supply to its customers, but it also provides its users with different opportunities from practical training to technical support in its sector. An experienced and expert sales team working within DOSU Maya provides uninterrupted support to its customers before and after-sales. In this way, the brand reveals its user-friendly attitude and offers a superior service to its customers. The company states that they are always working to provide 100% performance and efficiency from the yeasts they offer to their customers on their way to provide quality service.