Dynamo Tekstil

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Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: Lüleburgaz

Dynamo Tekstil was established in 1991. In the facility built on 75.000 m2 land, in the production and dyeing department of 15.000 m2, 12 million fabric are produced annually. Its factory is in the Lüleburgaz district of Kırklareli. It produces high-quality fabrics with its latest technology systems and experienced team. Reactive, sulfur-based, indigo and antique painting services are offered at the facility, which operates with a three-shift system.


Who is the Owner?

The owner of Dynamo Textile is Kamil Coşkun. With his 29 years of experience in the sector, Kamil Coşkun ensures its activities with a strong sense of responsibility towards quality, flexibility, and customers.

What Does Dynamo Tekstil Produce?

Fashion trends are variable, but certain looks and materials remain strong after ten years. The main elements that distinguish Dynamo are naturally blended and cotton fabrics. Fashion is a discipline that requires constant rebirth.
Dynamo has been offering trendsetting collections around the world since 1991. The company owes its success to its experienced team, innovative perspective, and multicultural designers. The brand’s 200 contracted employees, high-quality production capacity, technological infrastructure investments, and effective supply chain management have enabled the company to continue its success.

Where are the facilities?

By investing in a fabric dyeing and production facility in Lüleburgaz, it has made it possible for experienced and qualified personnel to work with quality raw materials using the latest production technology and produce the highest quality products. The ready-to-wear group that the brand established in 2009, about 21 years ago, makes it possible to provide leading textile brands with the first-class service on time.

Environmentally Friendly Products

The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere exceeded the highest recorded values. Today, we receive warning signals from nature on which we depend on our survival. Dynamo’s corporate sustainability plan, which aims to reduce its carbon footprint, was built around three elements: Environmentally Friendly Products, “Green Plant” Principles, and Green Materials.

Dynamo Tekstil has been using environmentally friendly technologies in its production processes since 2013. With the investments made in both new fabrics and environmentally friendly dyeing techniques, its goal is to produce the highest quality textile without harming the environment. Environmentally friendly dyeing techniques and fabrics that it has recently added to its portfolio enable it to produce products that meet both aesthetic and technical quality standards expected in the sector. The priority of employees and customers in all processes, from raw materials used in production to equipment and devices, is health. For this reason, it applies high standards of hygiene processes at every stage.

Dynamo Tekstil has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.