Edo (Ferah) Dondurma

Edo Dondurma | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: Kahramanmaraş

Edo (Ferah) Dondurma was established in 1956 in Kahramanmaraş, known as the heart of ice cream. It has production facilities with a closed area of ​​13.000 m2. It produces natural and industrial ice cream with a production capacity of 16 tons in its facilities. With its 74 years of knowledge and experience in the sector, it has become one of the most known and most preferred brands.

What Does EDO (Ferah) Dondurma Produces?

It produces more than 30 natural ice cream types, desserts, pastries, milk desserts, and peanut butter. The ice creams it produces have HACCP Food Safety System, Turkish Food Codex, and IS0 9002 Quality Management Systems certificates. Food engineers carry out quality and control inspections in production. The products that pass the necessary inspections are stored in cold storage.

Natural Flavor in Ice Cream

EDO Dondurma takes the fruits used in ice cream production daily by picking them fresh from their branches and taking them to the production line. With its long years of experience in the sector, it is aware that quality products can be obtained by using quality raw materials. For this reason, it carefully selects its raw materials and produces following the consumer’s taste.

Quality Service Network in Ice Cream Distribution

EDO (Ferah) Dondurma, which produces ice cream, is delivered with the brand’s cars in every region of Turkey. It brings its products to consumers through its dealers in every region of our country. By opening a communication office in Istanbul, it has ensured that it is easily accessible.

Ferah Dondurma Investments

Since 1996, following the controlled growth policy, which is the first attempt in Turkey cafe concept with ice cream brand EDO it has reached 25 and 1 branch in Cyprus. Since 2007, it began franchising the brand KAFEDO and had more than 20 branches in Turkey. By acting in partnership with investors, it enables the investors to benefit from their savings profitably while delivering quality ice cream to every corner of the country.

Edo Dondurma International Projects

Evaluating the intense demands from abroad, the brand gives dealerships to Middle East Countries, the USA, and Korea through Master Franchise. Taking firm steps towards becoming a global brand, Edo Dondurma has reached its present position thanks to its quality service understanding.

End-to-End Quality

It produces following the Turkish Food Codex and hygiene processes. EDO Dondurma realizes reliable food production by applying HACCP in all raw material procurement processes to reaching consumers. With the ISO 9002 Quality Management System, the first goal is always to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

EDO Dondurma has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.