Efe Ege Olive Management

Efe Ege Zeytin | Vibroser Referans Projeler

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Bursa / Gemlik

Efe Ege Zeytincilik has 50 years of industry experience. The company continues its activities throughout the entire process, from olive production to packaging and marketing. Efe Ege Zeytin İşletmesi, a partner in the story of olives that started in trees, delivers the highest quality and additive-free products to our tables.

Olives produced with modern processes are offered to the end consumer with confidence. Efe Ege Olive Management continues its activities by always adopting the understanding of respect for human and human health, 100% customer satisfaction, quality product production, and sales in its service policy, complete and timely delivery.

Quality Olives to Tables From The Source

Efe Ege Olive Management produces Gemlik Olives with their unique features and offers them to users. It pays attention to the olive quality in the tree and the quality in the processing phase. Efe Ege Olive Management participates in the competition in the market with the right production and good product. In this sense, it has become one of the leading names in the sector. The company, which has been making olives for half a century, has kept up with the age requirements and technology without breaking away from tradition.

With its experience, it ensures that the most delicious Gemlik Olives are always brought to the table. The most important feature that distinguishes the company from its competitors in the market is that it has adopted olive cultivation as a lifestyle. In this way, employees at every level of the company do their job with love and passion. Olives from Gemlik are served to our table by preserving their taste due to this devotion and determination.

Professional Approach to Contract Manufacturing

In addition to its own branded products, Efe Ege Olive Management also professionally produces contract manufacturing. The company, which has gained experience in contract manufacturing since 1999, has proven itself in the sector and has completed the branding process, serving elite companies. Efe Ege Ambalaj Ltd. Şti. Provides services to customers who want to enter the sector with its own brand. Considering the customers’ demands, olives delivered to the company in bulk are passed through the necessary measurement, selection, and washing processes. Then, the most appropriate package for the olive’s natural structure is decided together with the customer.

Among the contract manufacturing services that the firm provides to its customers; We provide vacuum packages in various types and weights, pasteurization of all kinds of packaging, olive paste, olive oil pressing, bulk olive pasteurization, confit, and early sweetening, shrink packaging, labeling and coding, design services and consultancy services.

Our Quality Policy

We aim to be an organization and a brand that respects people and the environment, is sought after in the sector, and whose product is trusted. Our basic philosophy is to provide the best products and services to our customers in the food industry in which we operate. We aim to contribute to our national economy in olive production, be a sought-after brand in domestic and foreign markets, and create a happy living environment with our qualified and hardworking staff. As the Board of Directors, we commit to our customers that we will achieve our goals by constantly improving our quality policy.