Ekur Et

Amasya Ekur Et | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Suluova / Amasya

Ekur Et is a brand providing services in Turkey for many years. The brand maintains its quality, delicious, and hygienic standards without exception; it has survived until today. Today, it provides red meat service to important restaurant chains such as Burger King, Sbarro, Usta Pideci, and Usta Dönerci. Also, it provides uninterrupted service for its non-group customers in the relevant sectors with the brand “Amasya Meat Products.”

Ekur Et Integrated Facilities

Ekur Et Integrated facilities are located in the Suluova region of Amasya. It has a facility with an average volume of 40,000 m2. Also, more than 500 educated and expert employees work in Ekur Et Integrated facilities. All necessary procedures from cutting to packaging within the facility are carried out with precision. The facility has the capacity to slaughter 400 cattle per day. On average, 120 thousand cattle are slaughtered here annually. The facility, which has a very comprehensive and wide range of opportunities, helps the region increase livestock activities. The highest level of hygiene and quality standards are maintained at the Ekur Et Integrated facility. In addition to constantly finding fresh meat, it performs its operations with the principle of transparency. Ekur Et Integrated facility, in which expert personnel is constantly active, continues to grow day by day.


The products that come out of the Ekur Et Integrated facility and take their place on the shelves meet with the consumers under the name of “Amasya Meat Products.” With this brand, the products waiting for the consumer on the shelves are handled in a wide range. The most consumed and preferred products are Bacon, Sausage, Salami, Ham, Sausage, Roasting, and Smoked. All of the products are packed with Ekur Et assurance and take their place on the shelves.


Amasya Meat Products, which serves through concept stores with the first packaged meat and delicatessen products of our country, continues to grow day by day. Delicious products produced by adhering to the principles of hygiene, quality, and trust meet with their consumers in these stores. Meat Products Amasya, Turkey, Istanbul, serves in 9 provinces, mainly. It is possible to find completely natural flavors that do not contain any additional chemical products in the Amasya Meat Products departments.