Elmacıoğlu İskender

Sector : Meat and Meat Products Region : Kayseri

Elmacıoğlu İskender was established on Millet Avenue, which is intertwined with Kayseri's historical castle, inside and covered bazaar. The brand, which started its activities in 1959, constantly renews itself with its taste, quality, and customer-oriented service. In this way, it has become a well-known organization. It has grown in direct proportion to the increase in demand over time.

The brand, which started to branch out in 2002, increased step by step with its product range, capacity, and service quality. In the branches established as Elmacıoğlu İskender, activities such as business meals, meetings, organizations, invitations are also carried out in steakhouses.

It opened two express branches on Sivas Street in 2008 and on İstasyon Street in 2011. It continues to serve with these branches. The brand, which successfully carries out fast service and package service, aims to offer traditional flavors with quality at the same time with a closed area of ​​1200 square meters and 500 people. It has achieved these goals today.

Gültepe Meat Restaurant of the brand, which also has many branches in Istanbul today, was built in a 4 store and 2000 square meter closed area. It provides service with a capacity of 1500 people in a total area of ​​2800 square meters with an open area of ​​800 square meters.

With the Same Slogan From Past to Future…

Elmacıoğlu İskender continues its activities with the slogan “this taste will never change.” In 2008, it became a facility that produces many Kayseri cuisine delicacies, especially the hand ravioli specific to Kayseri.
After the success achieved with packaged Kayseri ravioli, wholesale and retail sales continue throughout the country. Moreover, dealerships are also given.
Elmacıoğlu İskender, which has adopted the mission of continuous growth and improvement, is among the companies that have received the ISO 22,000 food safety management system certificate.

In addition to many features that make Elmacıoğlu different, it continues to be one of the pioneers of the production and sector, under the supervision of food engineers, with its diversity, conditions, structure open to development and improvement. Known as Kayseri’s indispensable taste today and serving with branches in major cities of Turkey brand continues to pursue its activities spread rapidly. It works with principles suitable for these goals.

Elmacıoğlu İskender has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.