Erol Et Entegre Tesisleri

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Konya

Erol Et Entegre Tesisleri was established in Konya Akşehir. Akşehir slaughterhouse, which was previously rented in 2000, becomes inadequate when demand increases. Products are sold to Istanbul to grow. After this stage, a large, integrated meat facility was established. Today, production continues in 25.000m2 open and 6500m2 closed area.

Who is the Owner?

Fikret Erol, born in Akşehir in 1958, the owner of Erol Et Entegre Tesisleri, started to trade leather in 1976. In 2000, he entered the meat sector by renting a slaughterhouse and opened it to the Istanbul market. As the demand for the region’s delicious meat increased, the need for a larger facility arose, and a large integrated facility was established. Today he is the president and owner of a group of companies operating in meat integrated, construction, and hotel management.

Production Policy

As per the production policy, each product produced in the Erol Et Entegre Tesisleri has quality certificates and is produced hygienically. It is so popular in the sector that it is sensitive to providing this hygiene besides keeping its promises to both the producer and the consumer. Animals controlled by veterinarians employed by them are slaughtered and shredded under hygienic and Islamic conditions. Bacterial growth is prevented by cold storage and the equipment it uses. Meat cut by transporting without breaking the cold chain is delivered to where it needs to go.

It has obtained ISO 22.000, HACCP, and Halal certificates. The company, which always updates and develops its production policy with the awareness of the responsibility given by having these documents, draws attention with its solid waste project.

Environmental and Hygiene Policies

Erol Et Entegre Tesisleri cooperated with İzmir Ege University to utilize solid wastes, which is the slaughterhouses’ biggest problem. As a result of this cooperation, fertilizer making and energy production projects have emerged to recycle solid wastes. As a self-sufficient business, it is a good example of an integrated facility like its own meat processing facilities.
Simultaneously, the company, which considers both its employee’s and consumers’ health and hygiene, uses cleaning products by European Union norms. It cooperates only with brands that supply products meeting these criteria.

Erol Et Entegre Tesisleri preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in their facilities.