Erpiliç | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Bolu

Erpiliç, which started production with only 200 chicks in 1969, is a large company with domestic capital with 2300 employees, 1300 production sites, and 70 dealers. The brand, which meets 15% of the country’s market, is among the 500 largest production capacity companies.

Who is the Owner of Erpiliç?

Ali Ericek, from Bolu Göynük, and his manager Mustafa Ericek are performing successful management together. Ali Ericek proved that he is a brilliant person by starting primary school in the 3rd grade. After completing a 5-year primary school in 3 years, he started a business with his father’s guidance. Thanks to Bülent Ecevit and Orköy project, it started to sell feed to the villagers producing chicken and chick and transporting the chickens produced. Over time, he became the owner of a large company engaged in slaughter, production, and feed production with his professional work.

Erpiliç Production Policy

Erpiliç production facilities have been established in an integrated 150,000 m2 closed area and daily to cut 330,000 broilers. Production continues in every field, including feed production, ready-made food production, breeding egg production, chick production.
There are also facilities established as slaughterhouses, breeding facilities, and incubation facilities. Continuing its production based on European Union Standards, the company employs 1300 producer families.
It maintains its distribution network with 40 feed vehicles, 108 livestock vehicles, and a fleet with 70 refrigerated vehicles required for the cold chain. Consumer satisfaction is at the center of the production policy that prioritizes quality and taste. Thanks to the management team’s visionary understanding, which evaluates consumer trends and guides them to the R&D team, it is rapidly progressing towards a leading brand in ready-made food.


With ISO 9001-2000, TSE, ISO 22.000- 2005 certificates, Gimdes has been awarded the Halal Food certificate. It also has a pre-authorization certificate to export to European Union countries. The company, which has proven its product quality in the international arena with the permits it has received, continues to grow and develop day by day to become a leader in the sector.

Hygiene Facilities Equipped with High Technology

Raw materials and feeds are subjected to microbiological tests in the laboratories it has established. High hygiene processes are applied from raw materials to the last stage of production in modern facilities compatible with the latest technology.

Erpiliç preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.