Favori Jewelry

Favori Jewelry | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İstanbul

Favori Jewelry produces 95% of the products sold in its stores in its facilities by European Union quality standards. It provides 5% of it from the distinguished brands of Italy. It offers its brand products to its customers in more than 100 stores and more than 1000 sales points in the country’s cities. There are many types of products suitable for all ages and tastes, regardless of women, children, or men. Favori Jewelry, a separate brand in design, works with over 45,000 designers. It creates 6,000 new, trendy, exclusive product designs annually on average.

The jewelry produced by Favori Jewelry never causes allergies. It is produced by distinguished people using high-quality raw materials and the latest technology by the European Union BS-EN-1811 standards.
In the retail sector, which started in 2008, today there are over 100 sales stores. It has become an important brand in the sector with the TSE quality certificate and after-sales service of the products offered for sale in these sales stores.

Who is the Favori Jewelry Owner?

Selami Özel, the Chairman of the Board of Favori Jewelry, also entered the real estate business in 2008. Selami Özel, who is very talented in seeing and evaluating opportunities, makes a name for herself with education’s importance.

Turkey gave thanks to design school educational courses of Italian design by signing a policy to provide new and talented designers and the emergence of new models every week in both sectors.

Based on his prediction that customer satisfaction can be achieved by increasing the quality, he founded the Favori Gold Academy in 2005. He gives training to its dealers and employees on marketing, communication, and retailing in this academy.
Within the scope of the projects carried out with Marmara University, Balıkesir University, and İTU, she provides internship opportunities for jewelry design students.

Favori Jewelry Hygiene Policy

Favori Jewelry (Favori Kuyumculuk) works with brands that can provide products of this quality based on European Standards in the treatment processes and hygiene products it performs in its production facilities. It also takes part in the environmental works of Regional Forestry Directorates together with TEMA Foundation as a project partner.
It attaches great importance to the health of its staff and customers working in Favori stores. It also prefers products with quality conforming to European Union norms for its sterilization and disinfection products. The supply of products in this field only procures from product suppliers that meet these criteria.

Favori Jewelry (Favori Kuyumculuk) has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure its structural hygienic conditions.