Flaş Dondurma

Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: Ankara

Flaş Dondurma, Özerişen A.Ş. is the ice cream producer brand established under the name. Turkey’s geographical jurisdiction of it distributes through over 40 distributors. There are over 10,000 sales points in these provinces, including markets, restaurants, patisseries, and hotels. The brand, which continues its product development studies without compromising the principles of food safety, quality, and taste, continues its activities to increase its sales volume in Turkey and abroad.

It continues to produce varieties that ice cream consumers can safely consume by valuing human health. During the production phase, technological devices were used to minimize human contact. In this way, hygiene and quality production is realized at every point of the process.

Millions of ice cream are produced every year

It distributes in 41 provinces across Turkey. Each year, 40 million fruit ice, 35 million liters of catering and liter products, 45 million cup-cornet, and 145 million ice cream bars are produced in Ankara’s production facility. Increasing the production capacity of the new production facility aiming to be active aims to distribute to every province in Turkey.

Product development studies continue uninterruptedly, taking into account customer satisfaction and demands. The brand aims to increase its sales volume by combining consumer satisfaction with product development studies. This satisfaction will ensure the increase of domestic success and the realization of sales abroad.

To meet more consumers with ice cream

Millions of ice cream are consumed around the world every day. Flaş Dondurma continues its efforts to bring its products by producing food safety principles to more consumers. The feasibility studies carried out to increase production capacity, make a domestic distribution and increase customer satisfaction enable innovative product development ideas.

Flaş Dondurma, after the rise in Turkey, bears the sales target to perform abroad. In this process extending from the production stage to the consumer, quality is not compromised by being aware of the goals. Thanks to consumer demands and innovative approaches, new product developments are carried out to increase consumer satisfaction.

Flaş Dondurma has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.