Golden Chicken

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Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Riyadh

Golden Chicken was established in 1981 in Saudi Arabia. It aims to meet every family’s needs in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East for premium quality, soft, and delicious chicken products. The brand maintains high-quality standards by continuously improving its systems and technology and applies its own formula.

Production process starting from breeding, feed, hatcheries; packaging, shipping, and distribution. The brand manages all production stages. The vertically integrated process distinguishes the brand from its competitors and guarantees quality standards.

Pure Stud

Comprehensive care, the latest automation, and technological methods are used in breeder and incubator farms. High protein and high productivity are provided in chickens fed with natural feed. In this way, Golden Chicken has offered superior quality, sensitivity, and excellent taste for more than forty years.

Natural Feed

The quality of the food depends on the quality of the feed. For this reason, it feeds chickens with only the healthiest vegetable, protein, and mineral-rich, pure water feeds.

Quality product

Spreading over 1 million square meters, the processing technology provides products with the best taste, packed and wrapped with advanced breathable films, adhering to world standards.
Golden Chicken’s priority is consumer health, so it has adopted the Total Quality Management approach. It carries out detailed and highly accurate tests with the support of the best laboratories in the Kingdom – AsurQuality Motabaqah, ALS Arabia, SGS, and IDAC – to ensure healthy chicken production.

Hygienic Facilities

Golden Chicken adopts that the chicken products it produces are suitable for health and hygiene conditions as a basic principle. It applies world-class hygiene policies in its breeding and production processes. It acts with the awareness of sustainability and food safety with modern and advanced technology used in production.

Golden Chicken preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.