Gözüm Süt

Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: Tekirdağ

The Gözsız Agricultural Cooperative, which was established in 1997 in Tekirdağ to process the milk produced in the region and to realize sustainable production for the development of the village people, brings the milk processed with the Gözüm Süt brand to the consumers. Gözüm Süt brand was launched in 2010 and had a daily milk processing capacity of 35 tons. Processed milk is transformed into dairy products through health and hygiene principles.

Support for the Development of Farmers and Village People

It processes the milk collected from farmers through the cooperative and brings it to consumers. It is important for sustainability that the village people bring their milk to Gözüm Süt facilities quickly. Production continues uninterruptedly, as facilities are provided to sell milk and feed supply to the villagers.

The Gözsız Agricultural Cooperative offers milk collection, milk sales, feed breaking, feed sales, feed making, and milk processing facilities so that the villagers can continue production. In this way, the nutrients needed to continue the production are met, and the milk obtained is presented to the market after being processed with great care. Continuation of this cycle without interruption improves the region and directly contributes to the country’s economy.
The facility, which started operating in 2010, now produces 2.5 tons of milk, 1.5 tons of yogurt, and 1 ton of buttermilk per day. The facility has a daily milk processing capacity of 35 tons.

Farmers who get the share they deserve from the products they obtain can have the opportunity to produce agriculture as a way of life and to sell the products they produce in the national market. Farmers who do not fear how the products produced will be evaluated new investments by increasing their production capacity and directly affecting the region’s development.

My Eye Milk Increases Living Standards In The Region

It acts within the framework of the mission and principles adopted by agricultural development cooperatives. Gözüm Süt undertakes tasks such as increasing the agricultural productivity in the region where it operates, increasing the quality of its products and products, providing technical activity supports, processing, preserving, and marketing functions.

High Standard Hygiene Milk Processing Plant

There are hygienic milk processing facilities of high standards with an integrated structure from farmers’ collection from farmers to the distribution stage. It continues its activities with the awareness that milk is a valuable and sensitive food. Its facilities are equipped with the latest technology devices, materials, and equipment not affected by bacteria.

Gözüm Süt has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.