Günaydın Süt Ürünleri

Milk and Dairy Products
Günaydın Süt Ürünleri
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Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: İstanbul

Günaydın Süt Ürünleri brings the milk obtained in the 1.500 head capacity cattle farm established in Gönen district of Balıkesir to the consumers. An average of 12 tons of milk per day is obtained on the farm where Simmental breed animals are located. It offers all the animals and products it breeds for sale after their approval documents. One of Turkey’s first certified dairy farm bears the distinction of being with these activities.

Quality and Hygienic Production

The milk obtained in the Günaydın Çiftliği is collected using an automatic milking system. Thanks to the cooling, filling, and packaging areas within the enterprise, a cold chain is created without compromising quality conditions. Filling and packaging stages are carried out with the latest technology devices without human touch. It can be bottled in 2 liters, 3 liters, and 5 liters according to the consumers’ quantities. According to the milk fat analysis reports, an average of 4% and above fat values ​​are seen.

The daily collected milk is prepared untouched during filling and packaging and then shipped to Istanbul’s distribution centers, preserving the cold chain. Food safety and quality are preserved at every stage of this flavor, from your farm to your homes. You can reach Günaydın Süt Ürünleri from distribution centers as well as take advantage of home service.

Taste Extending From Farm to Table

The milk processing facility ensures that homogenized or unpasteurized milk is directly delivered to consumers after being collected from the farm. The milk sold does not contain any additives, and they are also fresh and reliable. In this way, the milk’s nutritional values ​​are preserved, and no undesirable substances are included in the milk. Consumers can process raw milk as they prefer and make it ready for consumption. Milk with a fat content of 4% or more is also ideal for converting into other dairy products.

Milk produced by Günaydın Çiftlik is processed and transformed into other dairy products. Cheese varieties, yogurt varieties, butter, and breakfast products are sold under the guarantee of Günaydın Süt Ürünleri. Besides dairy products, natural products obtained on the farm are processed in modern storage and packaging facilities and reach your table ready for consumption.
The brand operates by the Turkish Food Codex and high hygiene standards in production, processing, and distribution processes.

Günaydın Süt Ürünleri preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.