Gürbüz Winery

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Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Lüleburgaz

Akın Gürbüz in the Thrace region founded Gürbüz Winery. Akın Gürbüz is a graduate of the Istanbul Technical University Physics Department. Gürbüz went to UDC Davis, one of the USA’s leading schools, to learn about wine expertise. Many years in the Napa Valley and New Zealand- Marlborough (Ehlers Estate) were carrying out their work, and then he returned to Turkey.

Gürbüz Winery, who worked as a consultant for different brands after returning to the country, founded his own brand, Gürbüz Winery. The brand, which has been producing handmade grape wine since 2012, continues to work mainly on Bordeaux varieties. Besides Yapıncak, Papazkarası, which also produces the brand Adakarası wine, originating in Turkey it operates production. There is also a restaurant with the same name in Lüleburgaz, Kırklareli.

The Story of Oenologist Akın Gürbüz

Akın Gürbüz, the youngest child of a family engaged in viticulture, was born in Tekirdağ, Gaziköy. After completing his university education, Akin began his professional business life. When he was working at the hotel, he realized a difference between France wines and Turkish-made Wines. He started to research this subject. Gürbüz, who decided to study wine specialty, completed wine specialty training in the USA. After returning to Turkey by beginning to manufacture handmade wine, brought Gürbüz Winery (Gürbüz Şarapçılık) into a brand.