Hadim Gıda

Hadim Gıda | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Bursa / İnegöl

Hadim Gıda is growing rapidly in the retail sector and increasing the number of branches day by day. Hadim Gıda entered the sector in 1999 and was established in Bursa İnegöl. Hadim Gıda has achieved rapid growth by opening 4 different branches in Bursa until 2004 with its friendly staff and customer satisfaction oriented working style.

The company also added a 2 thousand square meter food warehouse to its structure in 2007. After this period, “Let’s Super Convenience Store” to describe projects they have created with their branch offices by integrating with the traditional retail sector requirements is spread across Turkey. Hadim Shopping Center has become a national grocery chain with new branches opened in Central Anatolia, Aegean, and Marmara regions. The company, which is entitled to receive the ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 10002 Customer Complaints Management Systems certificates, has registered its service quality in every field.

Friendly Staff, Happy Customers

Hadim Gıda has determined its vision as “to be a reliable national brand” and has carried out its works in this regard completely. The brand, which puts customer satisfaction instead of only profit-oriented business as its mission, has been appreciated by consumers. The company, which always adopts the best price and quality product at the closest point to its customers, is among the most preferred markets in the regions where it is present.

The company, which attaches great importance to customer complaints, makes a difference with this orientation. Providing fast and easy access for its customers, stores quickly respond to complaints, suggestions, and requests. Hadim Gıda, constantly improving itself in this direction, continues to work with all its might to resolve customers’ complaints. Thanks to Hadim Gıda’s managers, who approach criticism objectively, brand reliability increases day by day.

Friendly Staff, Happy Customers

The company continues its service life with the slogan “cheerful service is in the Hadim.” Hadim Gıda does not only attach importance to customer satisfaction but also pays attention to its employees. The chain of stores, which employs thousands of people, has always considered its employees’ satisfaction. In this way, Hadim Gıda, which has friendly staff, can provide its customers with the best service.