HUQQA Paşa Restaurant

HUQQA Paşa Restaurant | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: İstanbul

HUQQA Paşa Restaurant offers the most delicious recipes from the world cuisines, synthesizing the east and the west in perfect harmony, to its guests. Its modern restaurant, which has been carefully designed by expert interior designers in the field, serves its customers with an understanding of superior service by presenting examples of cuisines that appeal to different tastes.

The modern vision of its young and dynamic team, inspired by the geometric objects and patterns in its architecture and pastel colors, stands out. It offers its services in different areas and separate sections to offer the privilege and comfort of its position in a personalized way to all its customers. There are arrangements made by world-famous architect Mahmut Anlar in its design.

Quality of Service

HUQQA Paşa Restaurant offers its customers the privacy they need in VIP rooms designed within service quality. The services provided in these areas, which are designed to be used for business meetings for some customers, surprise celebrations for some customers, and special meals for some customers, are also arranged according to the organization’s characteristics.
To fully meet its customers’ expectations, integrating safe consumer products with technological developments and producing them in a timely and efficient manner by the legislation on food constitutes the basis of the quality policies.
It prioritizes guest satisfaction by inspecting the work performed by the food safety management system’s objectives and the quality management system and conducting improvement, corrective and preventive studies.

HUQQA Paşa Restaurant Hygiene Policy

At HUQQA Paşa Restaurant, we attach importance to employees’ training to improve the service it provides to its customers with hygienic, high quality, and reliable products by taking advantage of technological innovations.
It uses hygiene products that have proven their quality in the international arena with the sensitivity it shows in fulfilling the quality policy requirements. In this context, it works with brands that can supply these products.
In the kitchen section, where unique tastes of world cuisines are prepared, and in the restaurant section where these flavors are served, upper segment products are used in sterilization processes. In this way, it contributes to the presence of both its employees and guests in healthy environments.

After each material in the restaurant is disinfected, it is used in customer presentations. Food is not served with any vehicle that is not disinfected. With the disinfectant products used in other sections of the HUQQA Paşa Restaurant, measures are also taken against any contamination risk. Waste products from the restaurant are also disposed of using special packaging.

HUQQA Paşa Restaurant has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its restaurant facilities.