HUQQABAZ WaterGarden

HuQQabaz | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: İstanbul

Integrating world cuisine flavors with Anatolian flavors and combining this with innovative presentation techniques, HuQQabaz serves its guests with many unique flavors. The company takes its name from the “magic touch.” The company makes a difference in front of its competitors with its entertaining, surprising, and modern understanding of space in this flavor journey, which they set out to add pleasure to their guests’ lives with a single touch.

Flavors Opening to the World

The company, which is remembered for its innovative concept, serves with a total of 11 brands, including Qah breakfast, YeşilliQ, TavuQçu, MaQarna, ManQal, ShishQebab, QöfteBurger, GevreQ, QTatlı, and H2Q. The company has chosen to brand some of its products under the name of “magic flavors” and wants to bring these flavors to the world cuisine.

HuQQabaz has committed itself to be the leader and the strongest global player that makes a difference in the industry. The company works in the food and beverage sector to increase its value to the national economy with its strong corporate structure. In addition to this, the brand has always aimed to offer a unique dining experience to its guests with the ethics employees’ enthusiasm energy of the place.

HuQQabaz Brings Taste Where It Goes With Its Branches

HuQQabaz WaterGarden branch serves its guests in Istanbul Ataşehir. Besides this branch; HuQQabaz Vadistanbul, HuQQabaz Yali Ataköy, HuQQabaz Gaziantep, HuQQabaz Erbil Empire City, HuQQabaz Hilltown- Maltepe / Istanbul, HuQQabaz Sapphire- Levent / Istanbul, HuQQabaz Lens İstanbul- Kurtköy / Istanbul, HuQQabaz Mannheim- Germany, HuQQabaz Büyükçekmece Hotel, HuQQabaz , HuQQabaz Bursa- Korupark, HuQQabaz Adana- 01 Burda, HuQQabaz Folkart Time / İzmir, HuQQabaz Grand Pera / Taksim and HuQQabaz Mall Of Istanbul.

The company is also preparing to open five new branches in HuQQabaz Diyarbakır- Diyarbakır Forum, HuQQabaz Kuwait, HuQQabaz Baghdad, HuQQabaz Azerbaijan-Baku. The company recommends that you make reservations for breakfast and dinner plans for the weekend. The restaurant also organizes its guests’ special days, invitations, and private parties. The brand, which does not compromise its quality and hygiene, has always kept human health first. For this reason, it has taken all its products under strict control from the procurement stage until the time it will be presented to its guests.