İdaş | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: Bursa

İdaş, the first production adventure that started in 1965 in the facilities at Topkapı, employs approximately 300 people with its production in a 38 thousand square meter closed area. With the support of high technology devices and professional staff, it produces a mattress in 44 seconds. With half a century of experience with an established dealer network in Turkey, many people in the world sleep quality sleep. It has contributed to the reduction of the pain of many spine patients with its spine-friendly bed models. Thanks to the production of 700 beds, 150-bed bases, and 150 headboards in 1 day, the orders’ supply process takes a short period of 5 to 7 days.

Who is İdaş Owner?

It was sold to the Salteks group, which served as a partial raw material supplier to the brand, by its management, which could not overcome the economic crisis it entered in 2015. In the statements made by Salteks Group board member Bozkurt Şişman, owner of İdaş, he stated that they aimed to complete the structuring by analyzing the needs and dynamics of the sector in the global market. Increasing their share in exports to 20% of the overall turnover is among their short-term goals in the future.


İdaş facilities have a closed area of 38 thousand square meters. However, when the facilities that manufacture Salteks felt, fabric, Visco, and sponge belonging to the same family are added to the production area, they reach a huge production capacity.
The first brand produced the first spring mattress in the country with a removable and washable upper felt part and made the first visco technology applications. It allocates 1.5% of the total budget for R&D studies. In the first stage, his efforts increase the number of dealers network to 2000, as it once reached.

Social Responsibilities

A certain share is allocated from each bed regularly sold by İdaş to the Education Volunteers Foundation. It is also the permanent supplier of the beds used in the Yedikule Chest Diseases Hospital Sleep Center. It donates the beds specially produced for cats and dogs to Silivri Souls Second Life Angels Association.

İdaş Quality Policy

İdaş quality policy is completely customer-oriented. Customer satisfaction is so important and valuable that every feedback is definitely checked, and efforts are made to improve it. In addition to the quality and durability of the material used, it is also among the critical issues. High technological devices and European standards of hygiene policy are applied in its facilities. Environmentalist approaches have also been adopted to waste by realizing the legal regulations on environmental policies.

İdaş has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.