İstanbul Bilgi University

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Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İstanbul

Istanbul Bilgi University, which is a foundation school education in Turkey for many years. Istanbul Bilgi University was officially established on June 7, 1996. The university, which directly accepted many students with its establishment, gave its first graduates in 1994.

Istanbul Bilgi University started its education life with Business, Economics, International Relations, and LSE Economics departments. In 1998, Istanbul Bilgi University continued on its way by publishing its first official books. Considered one of the most successful foundation schools today, Istanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi has continued its uninterrupted education for 26 years. Having the potential to graduate thousands of students every year, the university embraces its students without interruption.

Education Approach

Istanbul Bilgi University (İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi) is also very advantageous compared to many universities. The university creates a unique education model; It offers its students a fully equipped, complete education service with high social activities. Likewise, the university, benefiting from all the blessings of technology, has advanced technology equipment. It fully fulfills each department’s challenging needs, such as equipment, lab, and so on. Istanbul İstanbul Bilgi University provides educational services to its students; It provides fully equipped support in the business life of many students after their graduation. Therefore, it is among the most valuable universities in the country for students.

Education Staff

All instructors under the roof of Istanbul Bilgi University have specialties in their fields, have been subjected to the necessary training, and have an important point with its world view. Istanbul Bilgi University, which chooses with great sensitivity at the point of education staff, has gathered the most decent instructors under its roof. Since the instructors are fully equipped, it is aimed to conduct the lessons without interruption successfully. We can underline that it is a university with many classes and a wide range of equipment besides the courses. Istanbul Bilgi University (İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi) continued to add thousands of university student candidates with a full scholarship and paid every year.