Karapınar Süt Üreticileri Birliği

Milk and Dairy Products
Karapınar Süt Üreticileri Birliği
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Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: Konya

Karapınar Süt Üreticileri Birliği started its activities in 2006. Established in Konya Organized Industrial Zone, the union moved to its new facility in İpekçi District Organized Industrial Zone in 2013. The union’s establishment has a closed area of 3.777 m2 and a semi-closed area of 260 m2 on a land of 7.000 m2. After starting its activities in 2006, it reached a milk processing capacity of 14,000 liters in a short time in April 2017. In 2017, it put a 400-person meeting room and a new administrative building into its producers’ service. In 2019, it increased to 20.00 lt storage capacity and 40.000 lt milk volume.

Importance of Quality Control

Karapınar Süt Üreticileri Birliği made changes in the weighbridge building in 2018 to increase the production quality. By installing the hot water washing unit, it carried out activities that increased the service quality.
With the expert team working in the field, the producers’ enterprises are regularly controlled, and necessary studies are carried out to increase the production quality. With the tests carried out in the field, milk values ​​are measured quickly and effectively.

Cooperation with Manufacturers

The Association is constantly communicating with the producers to know that the best and quality products will be done in cooperation. A message notification system has been introduced to quickly calculate the producers’ monthly progress payments and inform them.

Support to Every Producer in the Region

Karapınar Süt Üreticileri Birliği has made it a motto to reach every producer in order not to make the milk producers in the region suffer. It follows technological developments and carefully evaluates the manufacturers’ suggestions to increase service quality daily.

Who is the President of Karapınar Süt Üreticileri Birliği?

The Chairman of the Board of the Association is Mehmet TARTAN. Mehmet TARTAN is the strongest voice of the union that has adopted the principle of providing quality service and supporting the manufacturer since its establishment. The Vice President of the Association is Beycan KALKAN.

High-Tech Hygiene Facilities

Aware of the importance of valuable food such as milk, it has equipped its facilities with the latest technological devices. It sets an example with its facility, which complies with the Turkish Food Codex requirements, ensuring high hygiene standards.

Karapınar Karapınar Süt Üreticileri Birliği has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.