Keban Et

Keban Et | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: İstanbul

Founded in 1976, Keban Et was established today by 2nd generational family members to sell the best quality and delicious meat. Established as a boutique butcher, Keban Et is renowned as the “ET Master” due to its products’ taste and naturalness. With its experience of more than 40 years, it has expanded its product range with its business volume. It produces in hygienic conditions by blending customer demands with its own quality understanding. It is one of the rare brands that has remained in the sector for 40 years without losing anything from its quality and taste.

Keban Et, one of the oldest butchers of Istanbul, continues its production activities in its facilities with a closed area of ​​1500m2 today. While it has been in the sector only as raw meat and products until recently, it is worthy of being known as “Meat Master” and offers cooked meat products directly offered to the consumer.
Aiming to bring the taste of real and additive-free meat directly to consumers, the brand succeeded in becoming an indispensable brand by its customers in a short time with the brand Et Yiyelim. Taking advantage of modern developments and consumer trends, he created the “Burger Yiyelim” brand as a local burger brand. It takes firm steps towards becoming the most preferred brand with its burgers produced with 100% beef and 100% additive-free.

Quality policy

Its customers especially prefer it due to its quality understanding. It has earned its rightful place in both the raw meat sector and the cooked meat sector because it sells quality and additive-free meat.
It keeps the healthiest animals under veterinary control by feeding them for a while before slaughter. Subsequently, the cuts are performed in the sanitary slaughterhouse, which is sterilized. Production is carried out in an extremely hygienic environment in meat processing plants with a closed area of ​​1,500 m2.

Keban Et Hygiene Policy

European standards select the company’s hygiene products used in the production and slaughterhouse. It only works with brands that can supply products at European standards. Also, it has a TSE HALAL certificate, and its cuts are made by using hygienic and technological facilities.
Keban Et has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.