Kebir Süt

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Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: Trabzon / Vakfıkebir

Kebir Süt is a food brand for many years, serving dozens of cities in Turkey. When the calendars showed the 1940s, the first production started in the Black Sea. The first dairy products produced in the Vakfıkebir region went out of the region and were offered for sale. The first foundations of Kebir Süt were laid in this way.

In the following years, producers, who preferred to go for institutionalization and branding, provided different production opportunities. In 1977, Kebir Süt became known throughout the country. Kebir Süt carries out its production following full naturalness, full taste, and full hygiene rules. Likewise, with its price policy, it has had the opportunity to appeal to every budget.

Kebir Süt Products

Kebir Süt products attract attention with its wide product range. It offers many flavors to its consumers completely. The company’s most preferred products are as follows: Cream, Yogurt, Feta Cheese, Butter, Buttermilk, and Tulum Cheese are examples. It is worth mentioning that there are dozens of milk products produced under the brand of Kebir Süt. We can say that many Cheese, Butter, and Cream varieties are also on the company’s menu. A brand that produces high precision products is found in many parts of the network to send to Turkey. In this way, the most delicious and natural dairy products meet with consumers.

Production and Price Policy

Kebir Süt is very sensitive to the points of naturalness and taste in production. Due to this, it has given the necessary training to all its personnel. Kebir Süt, which also manages to carry out the necessary operations within the right planning, can offer delicious and natural products. The company also collects the appreciation of many consumers with its stance in price policy. In addition to determining a price policy suitable for every budget, its products are of very high quality. There are also 2 sub-brands operating under the company. We can say that these brands also apply the same policies. Kebir Süt is a guest of its consumers every day with its fresh, delicious, natural, and affordable prices. It continues to expand its consumer base day by day.