Kerevitaş Gıda Sanayi

Kerevitaş Gıda Sanayi | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Bursa / Akçalar

Kerevitaş Gıda Sanayi is the first company in our country to offer frozen retail products to consumers. Founded in Bursa in 1970, the company started its business by exporting live crayfish to Scandinavian countries. In line with the increasing demands, it started producing and exporting frozen fruits and vegetables in 1980.

The First Brand That Comes To Mind in Frozen Food

The company is also a founder of the SuperFresh all over Turkey and made a name brand in the world. The brand started its activities in 1990 and started to produce fruit and vegetable, seafood, and pizza varieties. Known for its innovative steps in the sector, the company introduced the frozen product concept to Turkish consumers. Expanding its product portfolio in a few years, Kerevitaş Gıda Sanayi has also been among the firsts in the market with its frozen pastry and puff pastry varieties. Currently, there are 128 different frozen foods in the production of the SuperFresh brand.

The Door Opening to the World from Bursa

Kerevitaş Gıda Sanayi’s production facility is located in Bursa Akçalar. This facility, which has a closed area of 62 thousand square meters on a wide area of 220 thousand square meters, consists of 5 main enterprises. Vegetables, fruits, potatoes, bakery products, tuna, and seafood are produced in these 5 facilities. Kerevitaş, which always carries out its production activities with the latest technology, preserves its products in -18 ° C warehouses. The company, which carries out its products’ logistics with more than 200 vehicles, has more than 25 thousand cabinets used for product display in stores.

Directing the retail sector in frozen food, the company’s General Directorate continues its activities in Istanbul. Also, the company has regional offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, and Antalya. Kerevitaş, which offers its products to consumers with 50 dealers working under these regions, exports to 25 countries, especially to European, Middle Eastern, and American countries.

“Always Fresh, Always Delicious”

The company, which works with the vision of always satisfying its consumers, customers, employees, and shareholders, is constantly working to become a leading food company in the sector. Kerevitaş continues its production to offer its customers the most practical, freshest, and most delicious products in shopping and the kitchen. Keeping customer satisfaction first, the company has been responding directly to demands with its innovative style since the day it entered the sector. It produces without compromising the quality of its products. Offering the most hygienic and untouched products to the consumer, the company also makes a difference with its superior taste quality. Kerevitaş managers, who have always grown by integrating the age requirements, closely follow technological developments.