Keskinoğlu | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: İstanbul

Keskinoğlu is more of a poultry industry empire than a brand. The story of poultry, which started in 1963, has become a giant integrated facility today, thanks to the dreams of a man and his children and the determination to work. The first and only fully integrated poultry plants in Turkey employs 3500 people. Feed, egg carton, cage, fertilizer, and chicken are produced in its facilities. It has giant facilities that transform chicken meat and eggs into many products. The products it produces are sold at every point in the country and exports to 15 countries.


Who is the Owner?

İsmail Keskinoğlu started with egg trade in the miniature chicken farm established in 1963 with his children. Dramalı İsmail has also added chick production to his activities with the incubator he made. In the following years, it moved to cage poultry and cage production areas. As the production areas expanded, the fields of activity increased. Today, it has become a giant integrated facility operating in all poultry sectors, starting from producing the chickens’ feed to be fed to the chicken manure processing plant.

Where are the facilities??

The brand facilities are in the Akhisar district of Manisa, known for its fertile lands for agriculture and animal husbandry.

Production Policies

First of all, the brand, which is aware of how strong the connection between happy employees and quality production, has always attached importance to its employees’ training and rights. Considering that quality products are every consumer’s right, the brand’s production policies offer healthy products produced in a hygienic environment to the market at reasonable prices.
It carries out the follow-up of the raw material to be used for a feed from the field. It continuously develops its quality system by international and national standards with technology. It complies with legal regulations regarding both product and business. It uses environmentally friendly production models and technologies.


The brand, which fulfills the TSE certificate requirements for its products, has been awarded the Halal certificates. In addition to GIMDES halal certificate, it also has the İTU İYİ Agriculture practices certificate. It has also obtained its own product registration and license certificates in fertilizer production.

Support for Education

Education and Keskinoğlu are not only an inseparable whole, but they have collaborated with the Ministry of Education at all levels of formal education with the schools they have built. It gives scholarships to more than 150 students in addition to laboratories, gymnasiums, and technology classes built by schools. Also, it provides job opportunities for many students with internship programs at universities.
Keskinoğlu preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.