kipa izmir

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: İzmir

Ahmet Piriştina, Şinasi Ertan, and Metin Akpınar and 100 other businessmen founded the Kitle Pazarlama AŞ. Its first store was opened in Izmir Bornova in 1994. In 1997, its shares started to be traded on the ISE. In 1998, the first shopping mall was opened in İzmir under Çiğli Kipa Shopping Center. Today, it employs 6,000 people with 161 stores in 20 cities. There are also 26 shopping centers across Turkey.

Who is the Owner of Kipa?

Founded by 100 businessmen, including Ahmet Piriştina, Şinasi Ertan, and Metin Akpınar, the brand was acquired by Britain-based Tesco in 2003. Then, 95.5% of its shares were purchased by Migros Ticaret in 2017. Its commercial title was changed to Kipa Ticaret A.Ş.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors is Tuncay Özilhan, and the Vice Chairman of the Board is Nikolaos Stathopoulos.

Company Award For The Principle Of Customer Satisfaction

In 2012, it proved its sensitivity to customer satisfaction by being awarded the “Company Adopting Customer Satisfaction as a Principle” given by the Ministry of Customs and Trade. In the 2015 survey conducted by the Association in the fight against corruption, Transparency International, corporate transparency and reporting in Turkey in the “most transparent” has taken its place among the ten companies.

Quality at Kipa Facilities

It creates superior values ​​to offer its customers everything they need easier and better. With superior quality and service are among the largest retail chains in Turkey.

The brand, which attaches importance to selecting suppliers who supply the products offered for sale in the stores, guides the suppliers to increase their performance by following their practices. Its suppliers are audited regularly, and they do not purchase products from suppliers who are deemed unsatisfactory in audits.

It applies processes in international standards regarding the health of the products. It controls every process from production to the point where it reaches the consumer. Every product on sale or offered for sale is kept under control by the body’s quality experts by the legal regulations.

In all stores, the quality and food safety system requirements are adopted and implemented by the employees. It is audited by an independent institution to ensure the required quality and food safety in the stores. Cleaning and disinfection control is ensured by taking analysis samples during inspections. Increasing food safety awareness and sustainability of practices are ensured through continuous training provided to employees.

Kipa has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.