Kipaş Tekstil

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Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: Kahramanmaraş

Kipaş Tekstil was established in 1986 as an Open-End Facility and 1989 as a Fabric Weaving Facility. Today, it supplies yarn, fabric, and apparel products to the world’s leading brands in the textile industry. It has an annual production capacity of 140,000 tons of yarn, 50 million meters of fabric, and 5 million ready-made clothing pieces. Kipaş’s exports exceeded 200 million dollars with their activities in many sectors. It is among the groups that export the most in Kahramanmaraş. It provides direct employment to 8,000 people.

Who is the Owner of Kipaş Tekstil?

The Chairman of the Board of Kipaş Tekstil is M. Hanefi ÖKSÜZ. “By following and applying the new technologies in the world closely; our city, bringing new investments to our country, to become one of Turkey’s leading conglomerate “is vision.

Where is it?

Kipaş Tekstil continues its activities in Kahramanmaraş. Its factory here has invested in the greenhouse and open agricultural land where it utilizes its waste heat and has become the pioneer of the region’s agricultural sector.

Environmentally Friendly, Advanced Technology

Kipaş Holding carries out its activities with the awareness of respect for nature and people. Its goal is to leave a livable world to children, the heirs of tomorrow. For this reason, all activities carried out within Kipaş Holding are carried out by fulfilling their industrial, social, and environmental responsibilities. By investing in advanced technology treatment and filtration facilities, it makes production on an environmentally friendly axis. It applies high standards of hygiene processes for the health of its employees and consumers in production.

Kipaş Tekstil has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.