Koçaşlar Et Entegre Tesisleri

Meat and Meat Products
Koçaşlar Et Entegre Tesisleri
Koçaşlar Entegre Et Tesisleri | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Aksaray

Koçaşlar Et Entegre Tesisleri was established in Aksaray in 2016. The weekly slaughtering capacity of the integrated meat plant established on an area of 20.000 m2 with a large investment is 100 tons. The facility, which was established with machinery, infrastructure, and equipment by EU Standards, has reached the 21st century in technology. With its 50 employees, all processes from slaughtering to the sale of cattle raised in their farms are carried out.

Who is the Owner?

Mehmet Koçaş is the founder of Koçaşlar. The General Manager of the brand is Zeki Koçaş.

Where Are Koçaşlar Et Entegre Tesisleri?

Koçaşlar Et Entegre Tesisleri serve in Aksaray and Toprakkaya town.

Meat Processing Process

Bovine animals, for which the veterinarians carry out the necessary health checks, are slaughtered in a hygienic environment with the latest technology devices. The meats taken to rest in the cold storage after slaughter are shredded in the shredding unit after the resting period is completed and directed to the packaging unit. Considering consumer health and consumer satisfaction, the brand makes packaging in packaging processes without losing its nutritional value. Packaged meats are delivered to dealers and sales points by refrigerated vehicles.

It manufactures international standards by Islamic procedures, Turkish Food Codex regulations, and communiqués of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock in Integrated Meat Facilities.
High standards of hygiene processes are applied in every step in production, from raw material procurement to take the products on the shelves. Knowing that meat is a vital chain at every step acts with the utmost care in every chain link.

Koçaşlar Et Entegre Tesisleri preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in their facilities.