Koççelik Süt

Koççelik Süt | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: Aksaray

Koççelik Süt continues its activities in the milk processing facility established in Aksaray. Quality milk purchased from cooperated farmers is processed in a facility equipped with technological systems and offered to consumers. The synchronization of the milk processing facility processes with the technology ensures food safety and provides the consumers with quality, hygienic and healthy products.

Traditional Milk Flavor Meets Technology

It controls the protein, fat, dry matter, chemical substance, and antibiotic substance of the milk collected from the farmers by frigate vehicles. The milk that meets the quality standards is accepted into the production facility and put in line for pasteurization. By closely following the scientific and technological developments, it realizes production compatible with technology by acting synchronously against every innovation.
Milk taken to the facility is processed hygienically using technological devices. Every stage of production is kept under control by food engineers. Preserving its traditional values, milk’s taste is transformed into milk and dairy products after processing and presented to consumers. In the production facility’s process to the distribution networks, transportation operations are carried out through cold chains, and the products remain fresh as on the first day.

Environmental Sustainability Goals

Being aware of naturalness’s healthy living standards, Koççelik Süt conducts its environmentally friendly and sustainable studies. Training activities are carried out to inform the employees in the production facility and the stakeholders with whom we cooperate about sustainable targets. As a result of the training, it is emphasized that a business model that is more sensitive to nature, environment, and society should be adopted.
Efforts are underway to ensure that the wastes generated during the production phase cause minimal damage to the environment. Efforts are made to reduce water, energy, and packaging in line with the main targets determined.

Collaborates with Farmers and Stakeholders

The brand collects the best quality and most delicious milk through the farmers it cooperates with and processes them in the production facility. It takes care to establish regular communication with farmers to ensure the highest efficiency and maintain the quality standard.
Every personnel working in the production facility is aware of human rights, behaves sensitive to their environment, and acts appropriately, knowing the workplace’s rights. The brand supports all the social responsibility projects to protect nature and naturalness in Turkey to be carried out together with all stakeholders were the first production in cooperation.

Where is Koççelik Süt

The brand’s production facility is in Aksaray province, where 80% of the population is known to make a living from agriculture and animal husbandry. Koççelik Süt preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.