Köfteci Yusuf

Köfteci Yusuf | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Bursa / Yenişehir

Köfteci Yusuf started its activities in the food and restaurant sector in 1996 in Iznik. Our country has branches in more than 140 destinations with its food production, which makes a difference with its experience of more than 20 years in marketing. It manufactures in European standards to offer consumers the best quality and most delicious meatballs.

Flavor Options for Consumers

Köfteci Yusuf offers products suitable for different tastes to consumers in its branches. Various alternatives in 140 branches in Turkey welcomes bringing together consumers. It has 27 restaurant branches called Döner Y and 19 branches named Ekmek Arası Y. The integrated meat facility continues its activities in Bursa / Yenişehir so that consumers can directly meet meat products. The facility, called Accountant Butcher, serves a wide variety of butcher and delicatessen products.

Meeting Food Safe Products with Consumers

Köfteci Yusuf has established an integrated meat facility to ensure that every product offered to the consumer has the same quality standards and ensures food safety. Products sold at all branches throughout Turkey are produced in factories in Bursa Yenişehir. Meat and meat products prepared in the integrated meat facility are kept under food engineers’ supervision and transported to restaurants by vehicles suitable for food safety. Shipped meat and meat products are transported by cold chain vehicles, and temperature control is performed regularly online. The products that reach restaurants are rested in cold storage and kept ready to cook. Chefs of Köfteci Yusuf restaurants cook fresh meat and offer it to consumers.

To Become a Worldwide Brand

The mission of Köfteci Yusuf is to deliver meat and meat products to consumers with fresh, affordable prices and with the interest of artisans. Köfteci Yusuf’s 25th-anniversary vision in the country is to become a restaurant and food industry leader.