Konya Et Entegre

Konya Et Entegre | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Konya

Konya Et Entegre has been established in Konya to continue the activities of livestock breeding and supply of meat products. It obtains meat and meat products from animals carefully raised in farms. Animals raised by considering the feeding conditions are slaughtered with great care, taking into account the health and hygiene processes.

Konya Et Entegre, which has long-term sector experience in animal breeding and meat products marketing, continues its activities in a total area of ​​1 million square meters. In these areas, there are also feed production, animal feeding, and meat integrated facilities. To carry out all processes professionally, feeds are produced in-house. Being aware of proper nutrition in livestock breeding, the brand uses the latest techniques in animal slaughter and meat storage. Thanks to the principles taken into consideration at every stage of production, Konya Et EntegreMeat Integrated products reach every point of Konya today.

Production is carried out with an understanding of quality that adds value to the meat

In Konya Et Entegre facilities, reliable moves are made to keep every stage of production under control. Feeds produced in areas within the facility’s boundaries are given according to the animals’ nutritional needs. In addition to obtaining maximum efficiency from animals, it is also important to be tasty and healthy. Animals ready for slaughter are duly slaughtered in slaughterhouses where hygiene conditions are maintained. R&D activities continue uninterruptedly for the brand to always reach further levels.

Studies are Continuing to Meet the Needs of the Country

Konya Et Entegre is always working to provide better service without compromising its values ​​and quality. Continuing to invest in livestock farming so that consumers can reach the best products at the ideal prices, Konya Et Entegre aims to meet the country’s needs by going beyond Konya’s borders.

Providing quality service in red meat and meat products, being the sector leader, setting an example for other organizations, offering natural products for healthy generations, and emphasizing the value given to human health are the basic ingredients of the brand’s vision. While increasing its corporate value offers hygienic and quality products with high nutritional values ​​to every consumer consuming meat and meat products.

Konya Et Entegre has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.