Makro Market Unlu Mamüller

Makro Market Unlu Mamüller | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: İstanbul

Makro Market Unlu Mamüller was founded in Ankara in 1991. Songör family carried out its activities with a multi-partner structure. By 2017, it had opened 192 stores in 13 different districts.

Macro Market Name Change

In 2017, as a result of the financial crisis, he declared bankruptcy. As a result of these developments, it was purchased by Migros Group of Companies and renamed “Macro Center.”

Macro Market Bakery Products
Makro Market also sold various baked goods with puddings, chocolate sauces, jellies, custards, cakes, and similar products.

Vibroser products and services have been preferred in macro market facilities to ensure structural hygienic conditions.