MEKA Halal Food

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Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Kosovo

Meka was established in 1992 in Kosovo. It produces salami, smoked meat, sausages, potatoes, and packaged meals. The Kosovar company is known worldwide for producing high-quality products made from chicken and cow meat.

Best Company of 2016 in Prizren Region from Kiesa

MEKA has received many awards as a result of the hard and determined efforts of its employees. In 2015, in Geneva, Switzerland, MEKA was awarded a gold medal for its management and produced high-quality products in the BID organization. This award is an award that MEKA has won while competing with global meat processing and production companies.

Certified by HACCP Institute

With HACCP, a regulation serving food safety, it has been inspected and approved by international auditors. Meka brand has been certified with this regulation to offer safe products to its customers for many years.

Start the Day with Meka Products

It has products that have gained an international reputation for its high quality and irresistible taste. MEKA brands; It is considered as very healthy products consumed by various target groups.

What Does Meka Halal Food Produce?

It produces processed foods and packaged meals made from beef, chicken, and fish. All products produced in its facilities are 100% halal certified.

State-of-the-art technological tools that comply with food regulations are used in its facilities where high hygiene standards are applied. Its priority is to produce healthy food from the production line to the raw material.

Meka Halal Food has preferred Vibroser products and services to provide structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.