Metin Helva ve Reçelleri

Metin Helva ve Reçelleri | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Afyon

Metin Helva ve Reçelleri has been continuing its production life for half a century and offers the most delicious products to consumers. Founded by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Metin Boztoprak, the company embodies the experience of a family that has been producing halva for four generations. The company, which combines tradition with the future and brings tradition and technology together, has become a brand that exports to 28 countries on 3 continents. At the same time, the company offering our country’s delights to the consumer has sales dealers in the selected region of Turkey.

Turkish Local Tastes Admire the World

Metin Helva ve Reçelleri has reached 10 thousand tons in halva, 9 thousand tons in a jam, 8 thousand tons in molasses, and tahini. The company’s production facility is located in Afyonkarahisar. The company, which grows and develops by always integrating technological developments into its own working style, says that it is proud to present Turkish local flavors to the world.

Both Local and Healthy

The company, which controls all its products at every stage, from raw material stage to production and sales, produces within the Food Safety policy framework. The company, which takes care to ensure that its products are safe and healthy and taste, produces under maximum hygiene conditions. Metin Helva ve Reçelleri has been producing following ISO-22000 Food Safety Management System and ISO-9001 Quality Management System since 2005. Simultaneously, the company’s products have TSE, HALAL, and KOŞER (KOSHER) certificates.

The company commits to making production following the relevant food legislation and continuously improving production conditions in parallel with technological developments, keeping human health at the forefront in all its products, as it is today.

Hygienic Delivery From Production to Shipping

There is no extra oil in the halva that the company produces. The company prefers to use completely natural tahini and sugar in the production of halva. Also, it uses fruits and flowers collected in the season for jam production. The company produces its jams in traditional production standards. The company, which offers a contactless delivery service to its customers in the KOVID-19 process, which affects the whole world, has increased the hygiene conditions at the maximum level in this period. In the production team’s process to the cargo, the products are packaged in hygienic conditions and presented.