Metro Market

Metro Market | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İstanbul

Metro Market was founded in 1964 as a retail company in the Ruhr region of Germany. With its quality service and price advantage, it today offers 16 million professional services in 34 countries. It opened its first store in Turkey in 1990. With 34 stores in 21 cities and 4,500 employees employed within it, it is among the largest wholesale markets in our country with its service to 1 million consumers.  Understanding “Don’t invest what we get from this country again” clearly reveals its goal of contributing to its economy.

Who owns it?

Metro Market is based in Germany and is part of Metro AG.

Support for Businesses

For 30 years, he has been a professional business partner of all businesses, from fish restaurants, boutique hotels to kebab shops, reviving the economy with 34 stores located in various Turkey regions. With the digital solutions it provides to businesses, it conducts many projects to accelerate sales and comply with hygiene rules.

To become HORECA’s number one business partner, it offers all the gastronomy professionals’ products and services. It makes a difference with its inspiring solutions that will contribute to business development.

Hygiene and Food Safety Practices

It implements high hygiene processes in its stores to provide consumers with a healthy and safe shopping experience. It periodically checks the fruits and vegetables on its shelves and ensures that suppliers take the necessary hygiene precautions. It disinfects shopping cars in stores after each use with sensor disinfection units. Hygiene and sanitation measures in its stores are organized under 4 main headings.

  • Food Safety Practices
  • Personnel Health & Hygiene Precautions and Practices
  • Cleaning & Disinfection Precautions and Practices
  • Precautions and Practices in Shipping Operation

Hygiene and sanitation rules are strictly adhered to in the acceptance, storage, and management of goods. The store monitors processes by the Turkish Food Codex with inspection, product analysis, and certification management. Staff is given regular training on the implementation of hygiene rules.

Metro Market has preferred Vibroser products and services in ensuring structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.