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Meztaş Slaughterhouse Systems
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Meztaş Slaughterhouse Systems is one of the largest manufacturers of professional slaughterhouse technologies in Turkey. Besides offering cattle and sheep slaughterhouses in various capacities, it also operates on mobile slaughterhouse systems.

Where are Meztaş Slaughterhouse Systems?

Meztaş Slaughterhouse Systems operates at Saraykent Industrial Site in the Kazan district of Ankara.

Meztaş Services

It provides cattle cutting and operation equipment, small head cutting and operation equipment, cutting equipment, modular slaughterhouse systems, hygiene equipment, and paddock systems.

Who is Meztaş Owner?

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is Celil Sumer, who is also the founder.

Mobile Sacrificial Slaughterhouse Service

In EU Standards, 350 small heads and 150 small heads can be slaughtered daily with Meztaş mobile slaughterhouse service in high quality and accordance with hygiene standards. The mobile slaughterhouse is easy to use because it is easy to use.
In addition to serving Turkey, it works intensively with Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan.

A Clean, Healthy, Safe World

With its expert staff, it realizes turnkey projects for the needs of its customers. The experienced team identifies health and technological deficiencies in slaughterhouses and supports them to eliminate deficiencies.
It follows an innovative policy by closely following technological developments on slaughterhouse systems. The project is the solution partner of all large and small enterprises with professional solutions on consultancy.
Product quality and after-sales support have provided the trust of customers in the relevant sector. It performs its activities in high quality and high hygiene standards in its projects and production facilities.

Meztaş Slaughterhouse Systems has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.