Musa’nın Yoğurdu

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Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: Kıbrıs

Musa’nın Yoğurdu was started to be produced by Yoğurtçu Musa in his house in Kaymaklı village in 1940. Today, with 10 tons per day, it employs 23 people in a 1600 m2 closed area. The brand has gained momentum in continuous growth with the continuation of a tradition that has been going on for three generations and the implementation of new production methods.

Who Is The Owner?

It is a family business operated by the third generation and managing brothers Sadık and Mehmet Uğurlubirel. Following the innovations in yogurt production and marketing, the family members have now added the traditionally produced product called “Altın Kaymaklı” to its product range to relieve the longing for the past.
Emphasizing that the medicines used in animals and the instant feed have not been as good as before, Sadık Bey states that the milk of the animals fed with this product in the old way is specially collected and fermented traditionally.


Musa’nın Yoğurdu, a Cyprus brand for yogurt and buttermilk, continues to produce in the same product range. This context pays attention to both the enterprise and its employees’ hygiene to prevent the dairy products it processes from producing harmful bacteria. The brand provides its sterilization with the highest quality and effective hygiene products available in the market.

Social Responsibility

Kaymaklı Sports Club, founded by Musa Uğurlubirel, is still active today. Many young people socialize here and enrich their lives with sports.

Production Policy

It is to continue producing yogurt that is suitable for the taste that the customers are accustomed to in production policy. At this stage, customer satisfaction and wishes are critical. Customer trends are meticulously examined in consumer surveys from time to time, and necessary studies are carried out.
The most important issue in the production of products is hygiene and quality. To provide hygiene, studies are carried out continuously and periodically in the enterprise. Health checks of employees are also carried out routinely.


To prove the quality of the production made by Musa’nın Yoğurdu, it has permitted international standards. These include ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 22.000: 2005, and a business opening certificate issued by the Cypriot authorities.

Musa’nın Yoğurdu has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.