Özdilek AVM

Özdilek AVM | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İzmit

Özdilek Shopping Centers is a concept retail merchandising model first put into service in Bursa in 1983. While bringing its brand to consumers as retail, it has started to sell many brands by aiming to meet its customers’ other needs. It also serves consumers who want to meet their eating and drinking needs with the cafeteria and market.

Özdilek, adding other restaurant groups and stores to this concept that it developed later, has opened 14 shopping centers today. It has 10 hypermarkets, 2 concept lokum shops, 168 home textile stores, and 7 large-scale department stores. Focusing on quality in these areas, it focuses on hosting to provide quality service and products to its customers, whom it accepts guests.
The success achieved in the shopping mall concept, which is entered based on the need to meet the customer one-on-one and learn their retail sector trends, is great. Today, Özdilek, a large family company with 8,500 employees, has reached 164th place in the Fortune 500 list.

Who Is The Owner?

Özdilek Shopping Mall is under Özdilek Holding, which was founded by Hüseyin Özdilek. The owner of the brand and the Chairman of the Board is Hüseyin Özdilek. Combining its innovative and entrepreneurial vision with its mission of producing quality ensured the holding to be among the top 500 companies. He is married and has a child. Hüseyin Özdilek, an important asset for Bursa, built schools and donated them to the M.E.B.

What is Özdilek Shopping Mall Concept?

All products, from food to home textile, from fashion to technology, with many brands and product groups, are offered with “absolute customer satisfaction.” The needs of consumer groups of all ages are considered in the shopping mall concept. These shopping malls offer not only pleasant shopping but also a lifestyle.
Özdilek Shopping Centers, where distinguished products of domestic and foreign brands are offered in all kinds of products needed from durable consumer goods to fast consumer products, from home textiles to glassware, even food, from A to Z, are shops, cafes, markets, parking lots, entertainment centers, children It consists of a room and a restaurant. As Özdilek Shopping Mall, it has been the first choice of consumers twice in consumer satisfaction surveys.
Özdilek Shopping Mall preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.