Özkök Temel Gıda

Özkök Temel Gıda | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: Ankara

Özkök Temel Gıda started its activities in 1972 in Ankara’s Samanpazarı district with the production of plain oil and butter. After 2008, it continues its activities in Gimat Toptancılar Site.

Production with the latest technology

The brand produces the following European Union Standards. It has all production permits determined by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The brand manufactures in an area with modern and cutting-edge technological equipment. The production facility makes production following hygiene standards. Also, all disinfection processes are carried out with care. The brand, which attaches great importance to its customers’ health, never compromises its quality and hygiene.

Makes a Difference in Dairy Products

The brand, which has a wide range of products, also produces dairy products for markets. Also, cow, cow-sheep mixture, and sheep plain oil production are used in baklava and pastry production. It makes a difference between the production of salted and unsalted butter and its competitors. Continuing its production with the slogan “Butter Needs Fine,” the company offers quality oil to its consumers at affordable prices. The company recommends that it’s a mineral and vitamin-enriched product be consumed, especially by children.

What Does Özkök Temek Gıda Produces?

In addition to village type and rolled butter in various weights, it produces plain oil used in baklava pastry production in the retail products group. Producing butter and plain oil at international standards, the brand has adopted customer satisfaction as a principle with its innovative and perfectionist production approach. It meets the needs of its customers most healthily with its products produced with advanced technology.

Where is Özkök Temel Gıda?

The brand continues its activities in Ankara Gimat Toptancılar Sitesi, which dates back to 1800 years. Since 2008, it has been producing in the factory, which is established on an area of 5 thousand square meters and has a closed area of 1500 square meters.

Özkök Temel Gıda has preferred Vibroser products and services to provide structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.