Perfektüf Ambalaj

Perfektüp Ambalaj | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İstanbul

Perfektüp Ambalaj Industry was established in 1955 in Istanbul. In 1957, it started its activities with the production of the first stamp and aluminum tube. It operates in various pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal and home care, food, and chemistry.

Who owns it?

Perfektüf Ambalaj is part of Bell Company Group. Bell Group of Companies chairman is Livio Manzini.

Where is Perfektüf Ambalaj?

It operates in Istanbul Topkapı.

Quality Management

Perfektup handles customer health and satisfaction as a focal point in all processes, from selecting raw materials to the customer filling line. It guarantees quality with state-of-the-art technology, modern equipment, and methods at every stage of production processes.
By applying GMP (Good production practices) rules in production facilities, it provides reliability and quality. Implements regular control and inspection processes with sustainable processes.


Perfektüp, with a sense of social and environmental responsibility, has come to the fore that sustainability in all areas of activity should become a culture.
By sustainable production principles, it publishes regular reports and offers them to all its internal and external stakeholders.


With r&D studies that guide the sector, the production model creates and implements successful projects on new products, raw materials, energy, and waste management. A special team runs R&D practices in Tube and Aerosol Business Units and universities and non-governmental organizations.
Perfektüp Ambalaj preferred Vibroser products and services in ensuring structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.