Rella Kek

Vibroser References Rella Kek

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Gebze / Kocaeli

Rella Gıda was established in 2007. Entering the sector with cheese production, the company produces Mozzarella, Akawi, and Jadel cheeses in its factory located in Manisa Salihli. Having a wide market in Turkey and abroad, the company continues to work with local and multinational companies. The company has included Rella Kek with the slogan “Dull is Always Fresh”. Rella Kek, which made a rapid entry into the sector with its wide product portfolio, gathered the appreciation of the consumers.


Suppliers Make Profit With Rella Kek

Rella Kek has made a difference in the sector in terms of frozen cake. With its cakes that never lose their freshness, it has achieved great success both by selling the products and in the retail field. The most important reason why cafes and patisseries prefer Rella Kek is that their products can be preserved without stale. In this way, the brands that prefer Rella Kek have had great profit rates by reducing product loss.

No Additives To Extend The Shelf Life Of The Products!

Transforming the flavors from nature into wonderful cakes in professional hands, Rella Kek works to turn tables into unique feasts. The company does not include any additives harmful to health in its products and produces its cakes and cakes with completely natural products. The company, which does not use any additives to extend the cakes’ shelf life, prefers the freezing method for this.

Rella Kek Products with Taste Remaining on the Palate

Rella Kek; Antep Dream, Chocolate Cheesecake, Devil’s Fudge Cake, Apple Tart, Peanut Dream, Raspberry Cheesecake, Carrot Cake, Black Forest Cake, Lemon Cheesecake, Cake Latte, New York Cheesecake, Black Profiterole Cake, Croquant Cake, Pistachio Cake, Banana Cake, Truffle Cake Strawberry Cake, Red Velvet Oreo, Tiramisu Sawyer, Tiramisu Square, Peanut Dream Mono, Hazelnut Peanut Mono, Honey Walnut Marlenka, Chocolate Honey Walnut Marlenka, Chocolate Molten Cake, Caramel Molten Cake, Black Profiterole Cake Square, White Profiterole Square, Pineapple Almond Cake, Cake Latte Mono, Cherry Chocolate Mono Cake, Mosaic Cake Triangle, Raspberry Chocolate Cake, and American Brownie varieties. Rella Kek is among the most preferred names in the sector thanks to its rich menu that appeals to all tastes. Consumers can consume Rella Kek products with peace of mind from special days to invitations, from small treats to birthdays.