Sanex Organic Food

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Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Aydın

Sanex Food is a major supplier of organic products. The roots of the company go back to 1908. Sanex Food, whose main establishment was 1989, entered the sector rapidly with a large range of organic products since then. The company, which has always grown steadily in its commercial life, carries out its activities in Izmir and Aydin.

Sanex Food was founded by a family that migrated from Crete Island to Izmir. The company started its activities with dried fig cultivation and olive oil. Over the years, the company, which has been in good relations with other food traders across the country, has expanded its product range. Adding local and organic products from all over the country, the company has a trading volume that sells large quantities of products to the whole country. Following Turkey’s fruit cultivation and harvest time, the company has become a brand in every region in the state of considerable organic farming products.

From Family Business to World Devine

Continuing its production and trade as a family business, the third generation of the family currently manages Sanex Food. The company has increased its product range and turnover by exporting not only in our country but also to all countries of the world. The company attributes this success to the fertility of the country’s soil and its good dialogue with farmers. The number of farmers serving in Sanex Food is increasing rapidly. The company, which works by making a three-year contract with the producers, makes the farmers work with a long-term working approach smile.

Safe Production with Farmers

The firm has a large factory where fruit and vegetables are processed and packaged. Also, it produces fruit juices and concentrates. It also works with subcontractor companies to protect the freshness of the fruits they buy in bulk throughout the country. The company, which always works to deliver healthy, organic, and quality products to the consumer, never compromises its quality policy. Any product group that is not inspected by the authorities is not offered for sale from the factory.

Organic Product Diversity

Sanex Food produces organic frozen fruit and vegetable varieties. Also, organic dried products include fruits, vegetables, legumes, and spices. The company, which also produces organic fruit juice and concentrates, also produces traditional products.

In addition to its own productions, the company also responds to special customer requests. It also produces private label products in line with the demands and needs of customers. The company also carries out packaging works with the private label of the customers upon request.