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Meat and Meat Products
Saray Et Entegre Tesisleri
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Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Aksaray

Harun ER founded it in Aksaray with an investment of 5 million. The property in the European Union Standards, has a daily slaughter capacity of 270 small cattle and 270 cattle.

Who owns it?

The owner of the brand is Harun ER, who is also the founder. For many years, Harun Er lived in Germany and came to the land where he was born and established a great investment facility.

Hygiene and Quality Management

Meat integrated facilities with ISO 9000-2001 quality certificate also have ‘Halal Slaughter’ certificate. The slaughterhouse, which contributes greatly to the regional economy and livestock development, is among the largest slaughterhouses in Aksaray. High standards of hygiene and sanitation rules are applied at the property.

Saray Et Entegre Tesisleri has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.

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