Sardunya | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: İstanbul

Sardunya Catering was established in 1976. The company, which has only been operating in food production for 44 years, serves more than 1200 workplaces and 200 thousand people a day as of 2020.

The Chairman of the company’s board is Sedat Zincirkıran, and Ali Topuzdağ is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. The company, which is included in the ISO 9001-2000 Quality Assurance System, produces international quality standards.

Prioritizing customer satisfaction as its brand mission, the company also attaches the necessary importance to its personnel and food safety training. Sardunya Catering, which always cares about human health, is among the catering companies that customers frequently prefer and trust with this vision.

First Priority in Sardunya Catering is Human Health

Sardunya Catering works non-stop to ensure food safety, provide service beyond its customers’ expectations, and increase the satisfaction rate. The company, which has adopted the principle of producing healthy and organic products and meals, has always overcome the problems by working solution-oriented. Sardunya Catering also prevents recycling and environmental pollution by following the policy of reducing waste from its source. The company, which applies occupational health and safety for each employee, also subjects its personnel to a series of education levels to gain professional competence and contribute to their personal development.

Wide Menu Options

Serving in the sector as a catering company, Sardinia’s menu options are quite wide. Menus are determined monthly by the menu commission. There are dietitians, food engineers, workplace doctors, R&D managers, hygiene and quality manager, chef, and operation managers in this commission. Menus are prepared entirely with calorie calculations and presented to customers. Consumers can get the tastes they desire by choosing from reference menus. Food and drinks that will meet the expectations and needs of all customers are on the menus.

Reliable Brands, Delicious Food

Sardunya Catering always prefers the products it will use from the right brand. Working with proven and food safe brands is of great importance for a catering company. In this context, the company supplying meat and meat products from Beslem Gıda is a solution partnership with the Kupa in food and cleaning equipment. Simultaneously, the company operates two separate restaurants in Istanbul, namely TÜYAP Sardunya and Sardunya Karaköy. Sardunya Catering, which owns a restaurant in Gaziantep with the name of Bosphorus Brewing Company, is organized by Sardunya Ziyafet ve Ikram Tic. Ltd. A.Ş.