Seçkin Balıkçılık

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Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: İstanbul

Seçkin Balıkçılık entered the sector 22 years ago to continue its aquaculture activities. Today, it has expanded its sales volume by adding processed fish products to its product range. In particular, seabass and seabream production, which maintains its leadership in brand fish production in the earthen ponds and has a breakthrough with nutrition, and Turkey’s aquaculture contributes an important place in the world come.

Who is the Owner?

Sami Kont, who is the Chairman of the Board of the brand, is also the Vice President of the Milas Chamber of Commerce. Exporting sea bass, sea bream, and trout to Germany, Dubai, Russia, Spain, Kuwait, Jordan, and Italy, the brand has opened up to new markets with the breakthrough it has made in recent years. Expressing that the biggest share of the increase in the export item that grows day by day is to promote the quality of the products in international fairs, Sami Kont invites all manufacturers to participate in these fairs.

Outstanding Fisheries Production Policy

Its production policy is innovative and quality-oriented. It endeavors to use all kinds of modern tools and technological equipment in its production facilities. This context has managed to achieve a more natural flavor by cultivating aquaculture in soil ponds, a more natural and environmentally friendly production method.
It is also very careful about the health of its employees and products in its production and processing facilities. In this context, it uses hygiene and sterilization products that comply with European Union standards. It also meets its material needs in this field from brands that can provide products in European Standards.

Care is taken to ensure that the quality of the products obtained by Seçkin Balıkçılık always meets the same standards. A full hygiene policy prevails in the facilities where the fish and products it produces in its modern facilities are processed.

Quality Certificates

As a business entitled to receive HACCP Halal Food certificate, ISO, BRC, IFS certificates, it prioritizes its consumers’ demands. Turkey meets some 68% of the aquaculture sector, and the processing of fish produced in Milas operates special equipment and a qualified team for the packaging tasks. A special team audits it on quality management, which he pays attention to.

Seçkin Balıkçılık has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.