Seğmen Reçelleri

Seğmen Reçelleri | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Ankara

Seğmen Reçelleri was established as a family business. The adventure of flavor, which started in Ankara in 1938, continued with the fact that in 1952 it became a considerable company in the sector. The company, which started its food wholesale business in 1960, took the first step towards creating its own brand in 1970 while distributing important brands. It started its first production in the factory established in Ankara Siteler.

Flavor Extending From Tradition To The Future

Until 1980, Seğmen Reçelleri has always acted in an attitude that integrates the developments of the age with its own company policy, and in 2007 increased its production capacity by establishing a large factory. The company, which was established in Ankara Sincan Organized Industrial Zone and continues its production activities in a closed area of 17 thousand square meters, started to produce jam, honey, halva, molasses, aseptic fruit sauce. The company opened its second factory in Ankara in 2015 to keep up with its customers’ demands. Having difficulty meeting the increasing demand for the brand’s products with two factories, the company tripled its production capacity by opening its third factory in the Ankara Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) in 2017.

Attention is given to Food Safety

The company, which always uses the latest technology in its production, performs physical, instrumental, toxic, and other analyzes in its accredited laboratories. There is also an Accreditation certificate required for the company to carry out these studies. Seğmen Reçelleri has always determined food safety and human health as the top priority.

The company, which manufactures all laws, codes, and standards for the sector, has all the necessary production permits. The company, which says, “We are working to improve our quality in the focus of customer satisfaction constantly,” provides regular educations to all its employees to raise awareness. The company, which understands producing without harming the environment and nature, always takes care of its employees regarding occupational health and safety.

Searched Name of the Sector with its Dealers

“From Turkey’s central to the whole world” the company increase the number of dealers every day with the slogan, Central Anatolia region 6, in the Marmara region 4, Aegean, Mediterranean, two in eastern Anatolia, the Black Sea region 3, for a total of 1 dealer in the Southeastern Anatolia It has 20 dealers. Seğmen Reçelleri also has dealers in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Bosnia Herzegovina.