Sert Kardeşler Et Entegre

Sector : Meat and Meat Products Region : Amasya
Sert Kardeşler Et Entegre was founded in Amasya in 1986. It processes natural feeds from Amasya and its surroundings in its facilities. It has become one of the important brands in the sector, especially in the sale of offal.

What Does Sert Kardeşler Et Entegre Produce?

Sert Kardeşler Et Entegre processes offal and meat varieties from livestock collected from regional farmers in its premises.

Quality Policy

By carrying out the necessary health checks of each animal brought to its facilities for treatment, hygiene rules are applied at a high level, and cuttings are carried out in the process of being processed. Meats are kept ready for shipment in state-of-the-art cold storage. Shipments are made to all parts of Turkey in cold-parts vehicles.
With many years of experience, healthy products are delivered to consumers without sacrificing quality and taste. It ensures its quality with the expert butcher and food engineer it employs. Production is carried out following HACCP and Turkish Food Codec rules in packaging, storage, and shipping processes.

Sert Kardeşler Et Entegre preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in meat integrated plants.