Sudesan Cosmetics

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Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İstanbul

Sudesan Kozmetik started its activities in 1965 with the production of scrubbing powder.  The founder is Nadir Şükrü Deniz. Over time, it has expanded its activities in cosmetics, cleaning products, and plastic bottle production and has taken its place among the leading brands of the sector. While exporting the Sudesan brand and products of special brands abroad, it has adopted the principle of delivering high-quality products to the consumer at ambitious prices.

Who owns Sudesan Kozmetik?

Nezih Deniz owns the cosmetics brand.

Sudesan Kozmetik Cleaning Products

Sudesan has an annual production capacity of 200.000 tons in its facilities equipped with advanced technology based on 12.000 m’2 closed area. It produces powder and liquid home care and personal care products in its facilities.
Rules and regulations carry out production activities. In addition to producing its own brand, it produces special products for many national and international brands.
With 55 years of experience in the industry, it produces world-class quality products that are compatible with ever-changing technology.

Group Companies

Sudesan Kozmetik has three groups of companies;

  • Dupack Plastik Inc.: Dupack Plastik started manufacturing high-tech machinery and equipment and plastic bottles in 2003.
  • Marmaris Park Hotel: Marmaris Park Resort was opened in 1988 with its special architecture and natural beauties.
  • Mining: At 115 hectares of mine site on Marmara Island, Shayakçı is operating mining activities in cooperation with Naturel Stone.

Quality and Hygiene Standards

Sudesan Kozmetik has certified its production quality with BRC CP, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 22716:2007 GMP Cosmetics, OHSAS 18001 Integrated Management Systems.
It is manufacturing its facilities with high-tech equipment and equipment under appropriate hygiene conditions. Quality control and microbiological testing in product development studies are carried out by expert and experienced teams in laboratories equipped with modern and technological devices.

In Sudesan Kozmetik facilities, Vibroser preferred its products and services in ensuring structural hygienic conditions.