Tatbak Restaurant

Vibroser References Tatbak Restaurant

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: İstanbul

Tatbak Restaurant has been serving in Istanbul Nişantaşı since 1960. Incorporating the local recipes of Gaziantep cuisine, Tatbak offers the most delicious dishes to its customers without compromising its taste and quality. Due to its place in the food sector, it pays great attention to hygiene and cleanliness. It has adopted the principle of offering delicious products to its guests in the healthiest way possible.

“Lahmacun of the famous people”

Tatbak, which hosted many celebrities on its table, is also known as “the lahmacun of the famous people.” The restaurant, which has the characteristic of being the common meeting point of many artists, from Yaşar Kemal to Orhan Pamuk, from Cem Yılmaz to Candan Erçetin, always welcomes flavor-goers.

Tatbak Restaurant, which has been serving for 40 years with the slogan “The taste that has not changed from yesterday to today,” has only one branch. In this way, the texture of the place and the taste of the masters have never changed. Its customers mostly prefer the restaurant with this feature. For this reason, Tatbak’s guests are not only customers but also regulars of the place. The restaurant is frequently visited not only by residents of Istanbul but also by local and foreign tourists. The restaurant, which has the characteristic of being a place where foreign tourists who want to get to know Turkish cuisine are satisfied with the table, has undertaken the duty of a cultural ambassador in the service sector for nearly half a century. Istanbul visiting the restaurant has become one of the popular spots of locals and tourists; all of Turkey is often mentioned by name in the movie.

Flavor Journey from Gaziantep to Istanbul

Tatbak Restaurant has many dishes in the Gaziantep region on its menu. Antep lahmacun is the most preferred product among the products that make the name of the place heard. The lahmacuns prepared by adhering to the essence have been presented to guests with the same taste and quality for years. The most important feature of Lahmacun is that it has garlic. Besides, only Ezogelin is included in the menu as a soup. The starter menu includes raw meatballs, stuffed meatballs, bulgur Rice, hazelnut lahmacun, hazelnut meat pide.

Tatbak Restaurant (Tatbak Restoran) is one of the places that kebab lovers can also choose. Restaurant with many kebab types on its menu; Beyti offers various flavors from kebab to simit kebab, from six-paste kebab to tomato kebab, from mixed yogurt kebab to eggplant kebab.