The Galliard Restaurant

The Galliard Restoran | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İstanbul

The Galliard Restaurant continues its adventure, which started on December 23, 2013, in Istanbul Etiler Nispetiye Street, with 4 restaurants it owns today. The restaurants, where the flavors emerging due to the interactions between the modern Turkish Fusion cuisine and the Mediterranean Cuisine, are in the Lounge concept. The Galliard Restaurant takes its name from dance unique to the Renaissance period. Authentic Turkish fusion cuisine tastes have an important place in the menu, which also reflects the inspirations of France, Spain, and Italy’s cuisines.

Besides delicious food, it also keeps music and art at its center, as in the Renaissance period. Welcoming its guests with its Venetian-style decoration on solid wooden tables, the restaurant enchants its guests with the ambiance in its concept. Artworks specially compiled for each restaurant serve as supporting actors in reflecting the vision of the business.

Who Is The Galliard Restaurant Owner?

The Galliard Restaurant is a family-owned company under Duman Private Health Services and Tourism Facilities Limited. The restaurants run by the young business person Ahmet Uras are among the restaurants that everyone likes and prefer both in design and menu.
Ahmet Uras designs his management approach, which has a very superior visionary mentality, following the time requirements. In this area, it works with architects who will reflect its own concept well. Besides artworks and floor coverings reflecting the Renaissance style, it also prioritizes custom made in other furniture.

Quality and Hygiene Policy

The Galliard Restaurant always reflects its quality in both its cuisine, concept and service concept. It has become one of the first choices in a short time, thanks to the service it provides with its business approach that accepts its customers as guests.
It has adopted the hygiene standards following the European Union norms with its business approach attaches great importance to its employees and guests’ health. It pays maximum attention to the quality of the products and materials used in this field and its compliance with the European standards and the Turkish Food Codex. It only works with suppliers who can provide products of this quality.

Environmental Protection Policy

It is in the media from time to time due to its contributions to environmental protection. It provides materials to organizations that support the use of waste in the kitchen as organic fertilizers. It is a solution partner for non-governmental organizations that support kitchen waste, which is considered wild storage, to production. It chooses the products used in providing hygiene from those that do not harm human health and works with brands that can provide products in this way.

The GALLİARD Restaurant has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.